Responsibilities During the project

My responsibilities during the development of BattleSide was to create the menu system including settings and character selection. I was also tasked with refining certain game mechanics like the movement and using weapons. I also made sure that the game had full controller support for up to 4 players (for Xbox and PS4 Controllers). Finally, I also finished the full game loop which was ended at the Game Over screen after only one player was left alive.

Challenges Faced & What I Learnt

During the development time of BattleSide, as a group, we faced multiple challenges from a group member and we had to figure out methods to sort these out. Some of the challenges we faced were:

- A group member not contributing work,

- A group member not meeting their targets of creating assets to the design spec we had all decided on.

The other group members were all starting to become frustrated and I tried my best to keep the peace and give this person different tasks that they could do, so that they had contributed within the project. I spent a lot of my time helping them within Unity and trying to assist their progress and I know our other designer tried to assist them with creating assets.

What I personally learnt from this project, other than just new programming knowledge, is skills to de-escalate arguments and also to help assist and teach people.