Responsibilities During the Project​
My responsibilities for the development of MirrorChrome was to refine the main game flipping mechanic, development of other mechanics and animation programming. When I joined this group their main mechanic was already prototyped but felt janky and jarring to use. I refined this mechanic so it created a smoother transition during use. During this development time I had come up with another mechanic which allows the player to split control to 2 characters which the player must control to complete the level, so I spent a couple of weeks completing this mechanic. Finally, after this development time, Alex (games designer) had created all of the new sprite sheets which I then implemented within Unity and programmed within the movement scripts.
Challenges Faced & What I Learnt
Some of the challenges which were faced during the development of this project was this was the second major use of source control within a group project and the 2 designers we were working with had no experience of using any form of source control which meant I had to explain GitHub and its caveats to others.
Another issue which we had faced nearing the end of this project was that Alex wanted to learn some Unity as they had no previous experience within any games engine. Unfortunately this led to us having new bugs and issues within the project after they decided to mess around with fully working code that was completed and tested.