Nine Hole Golf

Unity Mobile Game

This game was inspired by a few games that I have played, these games were: 8 Ball Pool and Golf with Friends.

I really liked the drag and let go aspect of golf with friends and I thought it would make an easy to use but fun game mechanic on mobile so I incorporated that into this game, and I personally thought it turned out really well.

The idea which was used from 8 Ball Pool was the different levels, due to mini golf normally having 9 holes, I used this to create 9 different holes in a course. I then made the 9th hole's course bigger to add more complexity into the level.

UI, Player Data and Store

Because normal mobile games save your gameplay data such as progress, level and times. I wanted to add in a save system which allows the player to create their own account and this saved data such as their name, level and wallet coins.

I introduced a store into this game by allowing the player to collect coins after completing levels and the lucky shot level. These coins were then used to buy different ball colours. I wanted to add this in as although currently this system didn't contain a lot of items to purchase, this system could be easily adapted to create a bigger store.


Github Repo to download Unity Source files :

Portfolio/Nine Hole Golf at main · BLACKWELL-PLASTICS/Portfolio (

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