Professional Projects :


Programming Director

Riscord is an episodic multipath linear serious text-adventure game set inside of the Riscord Messaging Client between the summer of 2016 - 2018. You will explore relationships with multiple college / sixth form students attending Bristham College such as Lizzy Henderson and many more.

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Level 5 University Work:

OpenGL multiplatform Rendering Framwork

This framework has been built using C++ and making use of OpenGL's API to render OBJ and MD2 Models. This has been developed and built for Nintendo Switch and Windows 64-bit.

Containing: User Interaction (Camera, Light and Player Model), Shaders (Fragment and Vertex),

OpenGL framework.JPG

Procedural Generated Terrain 

This assignment was to create a video tutorial covering a topic within Unity, I chose to procedurally generate endless terrain and build a character controller which the map moves around.


Level 4 University Work:



Battle-Side is a 2D multiplayer game which I took part in developing during my first year of my degree. The game idea is based around creating a casual party game and to assume it has a PEGI rating of 7 or 12. We decided on a 2D platform shooter where screen peaking (an often hated mechanic of local multiplayer) is needed.


Raycaster Framework

I built this framework for an assignment during my first year. Using just C++ it takes advantage of the older style raycasting 3D style games such as Doom64 or Wolfenstein3D. Covered within the framework is the math used to create a 3D world from a 2D array, the maths to then texture the world and implementing a moving character which takes input from mouse and keyboard.

Raycaster Framework.JPG

9 Hole Golf (Mobile Game)

This game was built within Unity using C# and developed for the Android mobile platform. This was my second semester assignment for Games Engine Scripting, which included a drag and shoot golf mechanic to complete courses with as little shots as possible. Included within this project were multiple game levels with different difficulty, an account manager (with saving system), a store with microtransactions, a player levelling system and control of different game settings.


Tile Editor - .NET development

Using .NET, XAML and C# I created a windows application which allowed the user to develop 2D levels using a tile sheet and save these levels within a json save file. The application would then also read in save files and display those into the grid for editing or displaying.

tile editor.JPG