Tile Editor .NET Development

.NET Development

Before this project, I had never used .NET to develop any windows applications. This gave me a very good insight into how developers create in house applications which can speed up game development time. I have now got experience in creating new windows applications using XAML and .NET which can be used for games development.

JSON Saving

Within this project, I had created a Saving System which saves the tile data within a .JSON Save file. This was created by looping through the grid and assigning numbers to each tile depending on what texture was within the tile. This application was able to read and write JSON data for save files for this tile editor.


While developing this project, I was given the option of either using XAML or WinForms. After researching about these two options, I chose to use XAML, this was because WinForms is now out of date and for me to learn XAML means I would be more valuable to a company if I were to develop windows applications then someone who knew how to develop out of date apps.


Github Repo to download Source Code:

Portfolio/Tile Editor Software at main · BLACKWELL-PLASTICS/Portfolio (github.com)

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